Barbara Jean Shaw

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Artist’s Statement

Art has always been part of my life. My parents encouraged me as a child, providing paper, wood, crayons, fabric and even oil paint to create “works of art”. I was allowed to decorate the basement walls with big chalk murals. When I was 9 years old my dad bought me a camera to capture the images that interested me in my home town of Hudson, Quebec. Hudson was, and still is, home to many artists. My mother and I visited studios for “tea”, strongly establishing my love of creativity. Fashion design and illustration were my first “love” as a young woman and I studied both at a school in Montreal

Today, I am a busy artist sharing a studio with my husband in our Guelph, Ontario home. My work covers a variety of subject and medium. Social issues, urban and county landscapes, portrait and abstract work are all part of my portfolio. Colour and texture are important features of my more recent work.

My art has been selected by jury for exhibition in several respected venues. Private collections outside of Canada include my art.

My work can be viewed at the Wellington County Artists’ Gallery and Art Centre or by appointment at my home.

I give private art lessons in my studio to children and adults.

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