The Gallery offers three types of membership.  The benefits and cost of each, are outlined under ‘Membership Options’, as posted on the Gallery’s website.


1a). The Gallery season will run from May 1 to mid-November each year. During this period the Gallery will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday thru Sunday, unless it is determined that a change in schedule is required. The actual number of days will depend on the number of exhibiting members in any given year.

1b) Exhibiting Gallery Members will share the staffing of the Gallery by committing 6 to 8 days per season to this duty as required.

1c) Exhibiting Gallery Members will be asked which days/dates they prefer to work and which days they cannot work prior to the drawing of the schedule and an effort will be made to accommodate them in this respect. Once the schedule is made, it will not be changed. Every member is strongly advised to arrange a working relationship with another artist to trade days of duty should the need arise.

1d) A roster of artists who are prepared to work for someone at the rate of $50.00 per day, to be paid by the artist needing to arrange coverage, will be made available. Anyone failing to show up for duty or failing to provide for alternative coverage will be asked to remove his/her work from the Gallery, without refund, for the balance of the season and the space will be allotted to another artist on the waiting list.

2a)”The individual artist’s display must remain in the gallery for the season, but may (and should) be modified from time to time.” Anyone who removes all of his/her work, without replacements, before the end of the season, will not be accepted back into the Gallery the following year.

2b) All work entered into shows at outside venues must remain in the show until the show comes down.

2c) As a security measure, no artist may send someone else to remove his/her work temporarily from the Gallery, unless he/she has given the Gallery 48 hours notice in writing and has received confirmation in the affirmative in writing.

2d) With reference to 2b) no artist may leave his/her space void of a piece of work. When a piece of work is removed for a specific reason the artist must either put another piece in its place or affix a small notice on the space which indicates that the piece has been removed for x number of days because ……

2e) Artists acknowledge that images of their work which have been submitted as pieces to be considered by the jury and images submitted for the website may be used by the Gallery as advertising.

2f) Artists acknowledge that extra pieces of their work may be moved around within the Gallery to accommodate filling the spaces, by members of the Membership Committee only.

2g) Artists’ work will not be removed from the Gallery and taken to outside shows without the permission of the artist.

3.Members may not make physical modification to the Gallery space, but rather must request the owner (Emery Dawson) perform the desired changes, such changes not being denied unless the request is impossible to satisfy due to the constraints of the building or the compromise of the entire layout.

4a) All spaces on dry-walled walls will be equipped with gallery track and may also be equipped with brackets for shelving, depending on the artists requirements. All pegboard may also be equipped with brackets for shelving, if required. The Gallery will provide Chain, brackets, pegboard hooks and shelving.

4b) Artists acknowledge that all work displayed must be properly framed, properly wired, clean and ready for delivery to a buyer.  Artists whose work does not meet acceptable Gallery hanging standards will be asked to remove that piece until the shortcomings are corrected.

4c) Artists are asked to use labeling supplied by the Gallery so that the entire Gallery presents a uniform appearance.

4d) The Gallery will not make reproductions or allow anyone to make reproductions of an artists’ work.  The exception is that photos may be taken to use on the website or as advertising for the Gallery.

5. Members must keep display items within the confines of his/her space, not blocking the view of the work of others, and not extending into common areas to the extent that the flow of traffic is impeded or a safety concern is created.

6. Members are encouraged to change displays as often as necessary to keep presentations fresh and attractive.

7a). Members will have file cabinet space, the use of fridge, microwave, teakettle, and work area for their comfort and the constructive use of their time while doing coverage. It is the responsibility of each to bring his/her own supplies and equipment, including paper towel and cleanup materials. The clean up area is located on the ground floor adjacent to the workshop. The bathroom sink may not be used for cleanup. All work areas and clean- up areas must be left clean and neat upon departure.

7b) Members will provide the Chair with a 4-digit code to open and close the building. This system is monitored and the security company will know all details pertaining to who entered or left the building and the time that an individual entered or exited from the building. Each member will be provided with a telephone number for the security company in case they made a mistake or have a problem entering and closing. We want to avoid having alarms go off or having the police called unnecessarily.

7c) The building is equipped with a series of closed circuit cameras to aid in security.

8. All exhibiting members will be provided with a key to the Gallery.

9. Smoking is prohibited in the woodlands and in the building.

10. Dogs are not permitted in woodlands or in the building.

11. Members may use the ‘Square’ credit system at the Gallery, to process sales made at outside venues. No commission will be taken on these sales; however, members will be responsible for covering the current transaction fees.

12. Upon closing each day, members will:

a) make certain that the cash box is secured

b) the heat or air-conditioning is turned off

c) there are no running or dripping taps in the bathroom or the cleanup area.

d) the kettle is unplugged

e) the lights turned off

f) The ‘Come In We’re Open’ sign must be put up at the beginning of the coverage day and taken down at the end of the day.

g) the alarm system activated.

13. Notice of General monthly meetings will be emailed to members.  From time to time, attendance may be required at meetings to deal with matters pertaining to the operation and promotion of the Gallery. Some meetings may be mandatory in which case; if an artist cannot attend he/she may be asked to send someone to represent him/her.

14. Committees may be formed by the Gallery members to perform tasks to promote the Gallery or events within the Gallery. All members are required to serve on at least one committee per exhibiting year.




15. Twenty percent (20%) of the sale of any work in the Gallery and work displayed at outside venues arranged by the Gallery, will be retained by Wellington Artists Gallery. Purchases made by current members, will not be subjected to a 20% commission.

16. Payment from the proceeds of the sale of members work will be paid by cheque.  Cheques may be left on the desk to be picked up by Members who are known to be in the Gallery in the near future.



  1. While Wellington Artists Gallery and Art Centre will do its utmost to secure and protect the work of all artists, Wellington Artists Gallery will assume no liability for loss or damage to work. Each artist must insure his or her own work. The Gallery carries $2,000,000 Public Liability.




  1. Space in the gallery for the next season must be reserved by incumbents by January 31st of each year. Failure to do so will constitute the members resignation and the gallery space will be available to another person on the waiting list.
  2. Incumbent members will not be required to submit work for jurying subsequent years unless their medium changes.
  3. An incumbent member may wish to change his/her display area for the following year. These changes may be made as spaces become available, with approval of the elected Membership Committee.



  1. The Gallery will make every reasonable effort to promote the Exhibiting Artists and the Gallery through newspaper, on-line newsletters, websites, outside events, Facebook, printed materials and other venues as identified by the membership.  The Gallery will provide advertising material for distribution by Artists.  The Gallery will liaise with community art groups with a view to having outside groups exhibit at the Gallery, thereby increasing traffic flow.  The Gallery will make every effort to track visitors, provide feedback to exhibiting artists and provide information about upcoming art events.



22a). Since this is a cooperative Gallery, all Members shall have equal input into the operation.  This may be accomplished verbally by attendance at meetings or in writing, presented to the Chair, who will bring the suggestions to those assembled at regular meetings.

22b).  Any member deemed to be a hindrance to the operational success of the Gallery, may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, be asked to remove their work from the gallery without consideration of membership fee refund.

22c).  Any form of abuse, including but not limited to physical or verbal abuse, will result in that member being asked to remove their work from the Gallery without consideration of membership fee refund.




23a).   Artists must acknowledge on the Application for Membership that they have read and accept these By-Laws.

23b) These By-Laws may be amended at a regular meeting by voting and being approved by quorum of those in attendance.



  1. These By-Laws shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario.

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