Jacqueline Tate

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Artist’s Statement

All pottery emerges from the confluence of earth, water and fire. It  is the gradual discovery of the infinite variation and chance  combination of these elements that inspires me to explore the  boundaries of this ancient craft.

After a long career as a self-employed graphic designer, I felt the  pull to explore new horizons. Having a lifelong preference for  expressing ideas through my hands, and wanting a medium that would
challenge me on many levels – physically, intellectually and  creatively – I began playing with clay in a local artist’s studio.   Interest quickly became passion. Feeling the need to expand my  horizons, I joined the Waterloo Potters’ Workshop where I’ve been  mentored by experienced potters and participate in workshops with  excellent clay makers and artists.

The joy of clay is that I’ll never “know it all”. The clay and the  artist, both, are a never-ending work in progress. Every lump of clay  presents a fresh challenge and a new horizon.


10 Scott St.,

Fergus, Ont. N1M 3S2

519 840 0554

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