Lynn Coutts

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Artist’s Statement

Lynn recently moved to Wellington County from northern Ontario where she spent the last 10 years creating cement sculptures, and recently began making sculptures in glass.  For the past 4 years, after becoming a member of the Northern Ontario Artist Association and the Boreal North Sculpture Association, she has studied painting in watercolour, acrylic, and oil using different styles, with recent paintings aimed at a more free flowing and impressionistic style.  As a member of the Englehart Area Artists, Lynn had access to lessons from many talented artists, and has also attended the Cobalt Artist Colony, and taken lessons from Laura Landers.  Lynn has had paintings selected for the 2011 and 2012 Temiskaming Art Gallery day planners, for the Art Impact show in Sudbury, and for the LaCloche 2011 show at Whitefish Falls.

I find the process of creating a piece of art, be it a floral arrangement, a sculpture, or a painting to be very relaxing as well as energizing.  Art provides me a challenge, a life-long opportunity to learn, and a feeling of accomplishment.

My pencil is my favourite tool, and I have learned to use it to begin the process of getting my ideas into a solid form that I can share with others.  Learning to make thumbnail sketches of everything that I create has allowed me to put to use and improve my life-long doodling and sketching abilities.  I really like using only 4 colours when I paint, and I like people to honestly tell me what they think of my work.  I appreciate all comments.

I know that a piece that I am working on has turned out really well when I am happy with what I have learned from it’s creation.  A cement piece is done when it has become too hard to change, and paintings are done when I have studied them for a few days, and I am not compelled to add more.  The more I learn about painting and sculpture, the more I understand and want to study the depth of information available.  I enjoy the process of marrying an idea with a process, form, or style.  I look forward to each new piece of art, and how it will help me improve.

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