The gallery has three levels of memberships:

Basic – $50

  1. Use our ‘Square’ Account to accept payment at shows and exhibitions in which you may participate.
  2. Discounts on internal workshops (10%)
  3. Receipt of emails for external shows and events
  4. Discount on frames ordered from some of our local retailers and ability to order frames at a significant savings.
  5. Receive minutes from General Meetings
  6. Take advantage of the trails on this beautiful property for sketching or plein air painting or just enjoy a stroll through the bush.
    • (Note:  Smoking and dogs are prohibited on the trails due to fire hazard in the bush and the need not to disturb wildlife that make their home there.)
  7. Members will receive e-mails announcing upcoming open Juried Exhibitions, which they may wish to enter; e-mails regarding art events of interest being presented in the area and other material deemed to be of interest to artists in general.

Media Privileges – $50 in addition to Basic Membership fee


  1. Individual ‘Artist Webpage’ on Gallery website
    • Artists can be contacted through our contact page or through details provided on their individual artist page
  2. Featured Artists on Gallery Facebook page
    • provides artist with increased name recognition and visibility in search engines
  3. Required to have work juried by the Gallery for acceptance

Exhibiting Privileges – $250

Includes Silver membership plus:

  1. Display space in Gallery for various media including paintings, glass, pottery, textiles, woodworking, jewelry etc
    • Requires being juried by the Gallery
    • Required to have pieces on display for the entire season
    • Ability to select display space – depending on availability
    • May re-arrange or change their work frequently
    • Work may not be removed until end of season
  2. Ability to show in outside venues
  3. Required to have work juried by the Gallery for acceptance

Applications and Payment of Fees:

Completed applications may be mailed, e-mailed to the Gallery or hand delivered.  Fees may be paid by cheque, cash or by credit card.

Membership Application

Exhibition Space Request

Credit Card Authorization Form

Membership Levels

Renewals may be done by contact Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Note :   Membership application form is being updated

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