Opportunities & Requirements

Additional Exhibiting Opportunities:

Guest Artists – $60 + Membership Fee

  1. Guest Artists must have a General Membership
  2. Exhibition space for approximately one month (in the most visible space in Upper Gallery)
  3. May exhibit more than once a season if they wish and if the  space is available
  4. Press Release will be documented on the Guest Artist page on the website for the balance of the Season.
  5. Must be juried by sending 3 to 5 digital images to johnsmcgill@outlook.com (unless previously juried)
  6. A 20 % commission on sales plus credit card charges
  7. Free advertising in over a dozen media outlets including, websites, newsletters, television, newspapers radio, and distribution of a press release (provided by artist)
  8. Additional posting on The Zine (internet) for a fee of $75.00 for four weeks
    • E-Flyers may also be sent (provided by artist)
  9. Set-up and take-down of exhibitions will normally take place on week-ends unless other arrangements are made.
  10. The Gallery also recommends that the Guest Artist hold an Opening Reception for the exhibition at the Gallery
    • Date included in the notices placed in publications

Featured Artist / Artist Groups – $125/exhibition

  1. Membership not required to hold an exhibition in the Lower Gallery
  2. Space available for one month at a time
  3. The work of individuals must be juried
  4. Artist Groups must be known to the Gallery – work presented must be appropriate and consistent in quality to members exhibiting in the Upper Gallery
  5. Required to have an Opening Reception
  6. The same free advertising will be provided as is provided to Guest Artists
  7. 20% commission and Credit Card charges apply

Gallery Duty:

All artists exhibiting in the Gallery are required to do Gallery Duty, which generally speaking, will be a minimum of one day a month. There will be occasions and special events where additional personnel is required and additional volunteer hours or days will be requested .

Members are required to serve on Committees to display work at outside venues and to run events on the Gallery property.


The Gallery is equipped with a monitored security system.  Each  exhibiting artist will have his/her own code for the system.  As well, a surveillance system is in place.  The Gallery does not provide insurance for artists’ work.  While Wellington Artists’ Gallery and Art Centre endeavours to safeguard all work in the Gallery, artists place their work in the Gallery at their own risk.


Workshops in various media will be conducted throughout the season.  Some very skilled members of the Gallery as well as outside instructors are anxious to share their talents and knowledge.  Notices of the dates and applications for these workshops will be posted  on the website early in the season. Members may receive a discount on some workshops.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

2 Responses to Opportunities & Requirements

  1. Amy Dixon says:

    How do you become a member?


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