Wendy Gottmers

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Artist’s Statement

Wendy Gottmers is a well known caterer and banquet manager, working presently at Victoria Park East Golf Club and as well has her own company, ‘Southern Belles Catering’.  She conducts cooking classes and caters for all events which includes weddings.  She resides with husband, Fred, in the village of Belwood and enjoys the proximity to Lake Belwood.  Wendy & Fred have one son, Ashley.

Wendy began her interest in artwork and drawing in her early childhood – pencil-drawing buildings, people, and surroundings.  By designing paper dolls and their costumes, she entertained  friends for hours.  When given the gift of a John Nagy Learn to Draw art set, she advanced into charcoal drawings and refined pencil drawings of mainly landscapes and a neighbouring barn.

Wendy has been painting, mainly in oils, starting in high school in Fergus. She has continued off and on for over 40 years.  She studied with Cole Bauman in Elmira for about ten years; took a break; painted on  her own; then started again with Barry McCarthy, branching out into watercolour.

Wendy sold her first painting when she was in Grade 12,  The buyer still has that painting which is a gorgeous sunset in brilliant oranges and yellows.  Many paintings were sold from her Fergus restaurant, ‘Scarlett’s’ – paintings of horses, deer, the Fergus Mill, still life, and a commissioned portrait of horse and rider.


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